Saturday, 31 July 2010

Do you know what a Splodge is?

This is the BBC's first Play School record from 1972. I picked this up in the Greenwich branch of Music and Video Exchange, largely due to a track (hopefully embedded below, if Soundcloud can be bothered to work for once) entitled 'Splodges'. 'Splodges' features the voice of Rick Jones, later to present the Fingerbobs and sing the theme tune to The Flipside of Dominick Hide. The electronic music is by Malcolm Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, who in the very same year as this release would provide some unearthly sound clusters for the Dr Who episode, 'The Sea Devils'. The use of Clarke's synthesizer to embody a family of 'Splodges' harks back to the old idea of electronic music being closer to the plastic arts of sculpture or, as here, painting. But rarely has this concept been explored by children's television ...

Splodges by malcolm clarke

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