Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Abandoned Dolphinarium

Opened in 1971 utilising an Olympic sized pool built in 1932, the Clacton On Sea Pier Dolphinarium entertained thousands of holiday makers and school parties with dolphin, sea lion and killer whale (yes, really) shows until it closed in 1985.

I managed to sneak in and take a few snaps, but full access was impeded by a man using the three most awful words in the English language: 'Health and Safety'. Shame, as I was only about twenty five feet away from the (very Ballardian) drained pool filled with green rainwater and cigarette butts.

Next time, I'm getting a warrant.


  1. Lovely stuff. Rather Knealeian (?) as well, reminds me of that very odd 'Beasts' episode with the abandoned dolphinarium;'Finnyland':)

  2. Yes, 'Buddy Boy'. It was a confusing visit: the abandoned space just didn't seem adequate (I went there as a kid and remembered it as being like 'Seaworld') and I was puzzled as to where they kept the killer whales, until I realised: in cramped and inhumane conditions:(