Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators

There are 43 individual titles in the original Three Investigators series published between 1964 - 1987. The first 11 of the series were written by Robert Arthur Jr in the 1960's, but when he died in 1969 he was replaced by a number of different writers including Dennis Lynds, Kin Platt writing as Nick West and Mary Carey writing as M.V. Carey. All were hired in the early 1970's to keep up with the two book per year pace set by Arthur. Apparently Alfred Hitchcock had little or nothing to do with the content of these books but was paid a generous percentage for the use of his name and character, but he insisted on approving the cover art for each volume.

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  1. my god, that's a childhood obsession sprung out of the dark blue