Friday, 27 August 2010

Bakhunin from the Bloc

Do buildings still get blown up these days?  (And no, terrorists don't count)
Are they just gutted and re-clad with a tasteful contemporary gloss?
Even wrecking balls are a rarity, site workers preferring demolition claws to gently nibble away at the concrete.

Let's not forget "the urge to destroy is also a creative urge".


  1. Not since Fred Dibnah snuffed it. They still do in the US, though, if the telly is to be believed.

  2. Yeah, we still blow up buildings here in the States. Usually good for a 30-seconder on the nightly news.

  3. They were taking a building apart around the corner from our house by hand! Brick by brick! Eventually, I think, they must have switched to wrecking balls because 80% - 90% of it came down suddenly in a day, but for a good week or so you could watch them slowly dismantling it.

    Also, kind of wonderful if you haven't seen it:

  4. Wrecking balls are unfortunately too common an occurance here in New Zealand. We don't like our historic buildings. By 'we' I mean the government who also runs the historic places trust, go figure. Haven't seen any explosions, though.