Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bobbing in the North Sea

A cathartic celebration of the British climate from my favourite record, Thomas Dolby's The Golden Age Of Wireless. I have a good old ramble about that album and its follow-up, The Flat Earth, here.


  1. Aha! Shingle Street is just up the road from Bawdsey, and has all kinds of weird links ... there was a rumour that there was a covered-up Nazi invasion there during WWII
    Andy Sharp's done a lot of research into it...

  2. I've read a little bit about this. There's a fantastic bit of chat about it in the sleevenotes of the '...Wireless' reissue. That and 'The Flat Earth' are almost worth buying for Dolby's commentary alone!

  3. That's a great piece on Dolby btw Joe

  4. Both 'The Flat Earth' and 'Golden Age of Wireless' are classic records.

    I have a great book on synths where Thomas Dolby writes about hurrying across rush-hour London with the object of his wildest fantasies (a Micro Moog) under his arm, having bought his first synthesizer.

  5. He is one of my favourite interviewees. Quite reserved but extremely good when it comes to talking about his music in a modest, intelligent manner. He comes across very well, I think.