Wednesday, 25 August 2010


The Changes (1975) was a BBC children's SF television serial based on a trilogy of books by Peter Dickinson.

It tells the story of a society that suddenly revolts against technology and reverts to a pre-industrial existence. In the ensuing chaos the central character, Nicky, is separated from her family and embarks on a series of adventures that eventually lead her to find the cause of the disruption (no spoiler here, but the ending is good).

The theme and incidental music are by the Radiophonic Workshop's wonderful Paddy Kingsland, using an EMS Synthi 100 and sitar.

Criminally, it remains unreleased on dvd. It was shown on UK Gold a few years ago and someone has kindly posted the entire series on YouTube.

Well worth a watch, though please resist any urges to smash up your computer after viewing (unless its a PC) ;)

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