Tuesday, 24 August 2010

For the love of buses...

These were taken from in and around my local area... I have 'vivid' memories of some of the shapes and styles of these particular buses. I used to love the bus trips into town with my mother. Now i'm not a sad old bus spotter or anything.. but what i do find enchanting about these pics is the 'background'... the misty atmosphere captured in some of these pictures sort of represents how things always seemed to look back in the 70's and 80's to a small childs eyes, especially as i passed by whilst taking a bus journey..


  1. Trolleybuses. Cool. I like the escape hatch in pic 2.

  2. Ooh, these are nice.

    I share your love of the misty background and general tone of film & photos from that period, especially where large areas of brick are involved. There's a lot of it in this PIF. It's unusually long, and has loads of yummy background action. Anyone able to identify the locations? I'm guessing a suburb of London:

    Look, Signal, Manouvre

  3. Wembley and Westway at the end. Bit hard to see through the fog - it's a real pea-souper!

  4. I love the fog and mist. A real evocative thing for me, yet again. We had a freak fog for a day, a couple years back... it was the first I'd experienced since the 1980s. Fog makes anywhere feel special.

    And yes, to concur with Glimmung there, it is Wembley (HA9 area).

    - Jb.

  5. Well spotted, chaps; thanks!