Thursday, 19 August 2010

Found Negatives

I bought a load of old B&W film negatives from a boot sale a little while back. I love collecting found photographs, particularly the original negatives. When I scanned them they turned out to be taken in Kenya during the 1950's. This is just a very small sample of the found images from this collection. They were like photographs taken of my own memories of Willard Price stories that I read when I was a boy.


  1. I'm sorry if this sounds just horribly ignorant, but... do you just scan them and then invert the image via software to get images such as the ones above? That could unlock a chestful of old negative back in the old country and change my life just a little bit.

  2. You do need to use a scanner with a dedicated facility for scanning negatives. I used the Epson Perfection V300, which is cheap, a little slow but reasonably good quality. I then use Photoshop to invert the image and make any rough adjustments to levels, contrast, etc. You could probably do this with any basic image software though. I didn't clean them up in Photoshop by removing scratches, etc, as I quite like these.

  3. I just adore these. Will you post some more?

    Dave x

  4. Thank you Darren
    I won't be able to rig this up when I visit my mother next month but it's very handy to know nonetheless. Plus, what Dolly Dolly said.