Thursday, 19 August 2010

'He dreamed of wolves padding on the snow after the Punch and Judy man'.

The BBC adaptation of John Masefields Box of Delights is a big favourite amongst many people I know, (and I'm sure many people here) and has a very magical, seasonal atmosphere due in no small part to some fairly unique 'cut out paper-theatre' CSO effects.
The original novel published in 1935 is even odder, and not a quick book to get through, as just about every page gives you something to peculiar to think about. Full of suspect clergy, ancient ghosts and, as art historian Alan Powers puts it, 'slightly Kafkaesque terror'.


  1. Absolutely adore the TV adaptation - I have some blissful personal associations with it - but I'm still having difficulty finding the original novel... admittedly I haven't looked as hard as I could... mainly in chazzers and secondhand bookshops, really.

  2. Oh, I'm sure it'll turn up once you stop looking for it :)