Friday, 6 August 2010

Mirror Mirror

This Antipodean take on Through the Looking Glass is very much of it's time (1995) and place. The effects are very simple and understated, but I still think there's something uncanny about it nonetheless. Maybe this has as much to do with the memory of seeing it at the time and then seeing it again after a gap of fifteen years. It also reminds me of another children's fantasy/supernatural series dating from around the same era which featured twins as its main characters. Research into what that other series might have been hasn't turned up anything yet, though.


  1. Good stuff. Cannot help you with that other series; can you remember much else about it?

    The same era still had adaptations of books by the likes of Helen Cresswell ("Moondial"), Diana Wynne Jones ("Archer's Goon") and Robert Westall ("The Watch House"). The uncanny persisting, before things turned cosier. Though there was stuff like "Earthfasts" and "Century Falls" and "Elidor" in the mid-90s that I haven't seen.

    Perhaps the best book on this subject is Alistair D. McGown and Mark J. Docherty's "The Hall and Beyond: Children's Television Drama - An Encyclopedia" (BFI, 2003).

  2. Thanks for those suggestions, Tom! I just realised that I wrote in the wrong year for Mirror, Mirror - it was 1995. I have corrected that in my post.

    I'm sure the other series would have been a few years earlier, but unfortunately I can't remember anything further about it. The book sounds like an interesting resource, though.

  3. That should read "The *Hill* and Beyond", not the 'Hall'!

  4. Might you be thinking of Under the Mountain? I'd love to see that again.

  5. No - it wasn't that one, though that has been reissued on DVD recently.

    I'm pretty sure the one I'm thinking of had a mirror in it - which is why I was thinking of it alongside Mirror Mirror. I'm not sure it was a New Zealand series either.