Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Old Bags I Have Known

One of the best things about record shopping in them there olden days, was the occasionally tip-top bag you'd get with your terribly cool purchase.
You could then reuse this to carry very important documents/shopping around, whilst tipping a wink to those that find old bags something to get impressed over.
I've kept a few record bags from holidays as well, and look at them from time to time, wistfully proclaiming 'I should really chuck these out'.
But if anything, tat like this deserves a place on today's modern interweb, and the 78 record exchange really was a corker of a shop.
It's now a management-hiring agency/gateway to hell.


  1. Brilliant!

    The closest any record shop has got to anything of that kind lately was when two years ago a local one produced a special 'golden bag' as part of a project with an artist. I've kept that one.

  2. Having a drawer full of neatly folded carrier-bags is clearly the way forward. I like the idea of having a special 'Golden Bag'. Does it contain an endless supply of sweets & pop? Oh I do hope it does : )

  3. There 's a few Bags on this site ,
    Be nice if you were to add it ,
    The 78 Record Exchange was a great shop The two Gentlemen who ran it were from the age of 78's and came across as Librarians.
    Always giving the vinyl a wipe with their EMITEX cloths before presenting across the counter for inspection. Old school charm !