Monday, 16 August 2010

The Pools

Every day of the week (usually early evenings) we would answer the door to variety of vendors - the insurance man collecting for our future, the milkman collecting for his round, the corona man with bottles of pop, the avon lady with her make-up selection, the rag'n'bone man collecting any old iron and the pools man offering a (pre) lottery win


  1. Thanks for reminding me of those days! We had an extra visitor - the Socialist Weekly delivery man. We lived in a 1950's block of flats on a council estate and you could quite clearly hear the elevator going up and down as people came and went. I knew the time it took for the elevator to reach our floor and would anticipate the knock on the door and wonder who it would be.

  2. Hehe, the Corona man! - did you pass the fizzical?

  3. Corona man you'd definitely hear the warning - all those clinking bottles on the truck rolling down the street!
    I think my first career ambition was to do something that involved knocking on people's doors because we gave money to whomever came to our door, it seemed like very easy work