Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Rag Bone man

As a small child i would often misbehave as small children do... Ocassionally my parents would (jokingly) threaten me with the rag and bone man.. saying he's going to take me away if i dont behave! Now i'd never really seen a rag and bone man.. i just 'heard' him from down the street... Thus my parents helped create in my mind an image of some kind of tall, deformed bogey man with a dirty face and flat cap.. (cruel parents eh?) So every time i heard the rag and bone man's call from the bottom of our street, i would make a mad dash inside the house and quite literally hide under the bed! Such is the monster that my parents created!

Below is a sample of what we may hear a rag and bone man cry out... still sends shivers down my spine actually...

Ragbone! by soulless party

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