Sunday, 22 August 2010

Riccarton House

Riccarton house was built by Jane Deans in honour of her dead husband. According to the promo for the TV show Ghost Hunt which screened a few years ago: "Jane lived in this house for 55 years, and it seems she has no intention of leaving the place she put her heart and soul into." The house is now a popular venue for events, lunches and morning and afternoon teas.


  1. I like the idea of an afternoon tea there (well, I would). Reminds me a little of when I was at RHS Wisley with Rev. Jim Belbury, earlier in the year. They were serving afternoon tea there and they had a 1920s dance band on, it was great fun.

    I asked Rev. Jim if he'd like to get up and do the charleston with me after he'd finished his cup of tea; he said something like 'no Jon, I wouldn't'. :))

    - Jb.

  2. Ha ha. Sounds like fun :)

    Sometimes a jazz trio plays on the grounds of this house on weekend afternoons which is very cool when mixed with the sounds of the crickets and birds coming from the bush (there's a large section of native bush right next to the house - complete with some kiwi birds hidden in there).

  3. Wow, that really sounds like quite a place, even on nature grounds alone.

    More tea? ;))