Sunday, 15 August 2010

Stopped clocks


  1. I watched this version of Alice in Wonderland after reading your piece about it on your blog. I think it's the best version I've seen - I love that tea party scene, especially. I hadn't seen this version of Great Expectations. It definitely makes for an interesting comparison - the whole atmosphere of decay and decadence and langour.

  2. Yes, in Alice it's suffocatingly slow fugue state, deeply entropic, which is somehow not broken up by the sudden transitions - all of which couldn't be further than the "dreams" in Inception.
    Lean's version of Great Expectations is one of the best British films ever. Miller's not using animal make-up for the animal characters reinforces the connection with the early part of Great Expectations. Both present a child's eye view of the adult world: adults as wittering autists, engaged in incomprehensible rituals that seem nonsensical, but which they treat with the utmost gravity.