Sunday, 15 August 2010

Strange Stories

There were numerous stories with supernatural themes in British girls' comics and annuals. One of the most memorable illustrators, to my mind, was the one who created the illustrations for this story which appered in the Mandy Annual from 1987 - "The Delemore Diamonds." Their style lent itself paricularly well to stories such as this one with its haunted house theme. The storyteller Damian Darke introduced the story, but that's where the comforting aspect ended. Horrors lurked within the swirling black rippling outlines and the sickly green colours of the frames.


  1. My Mum used to have to buy me Misty because it was a girls comic and I didn't want anyone to know it was for me. Scarier than 2000ad. Fact.

  2. I've seen copies of that one in various second-hand bookshops. Might have to pick one up :)

  3. You won't be sorry - but you might be scared.