Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"You've created a seance... a massive seance!"

An alternate version of one of the greatest moments in British televisual history... according to me, anyway. Ghostwatch (1992) was significant not only because it caused a media controversy following the suicide of a terrified viewer five days after broadcast, but also because even though it was obviously fake, it still had the capacity to unsettle. The use of cosy, familiar faces from light entertainment (Parky, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith, Craig Charles) was a masterstroke, placing them in a scenario constructed out of a series of ruthlessly unpleasant details... the backstory of malevolent spirit Raymond 'Pipes' Tunstall, the dead animal in the street, the young girl trapped in the cupboard with the spirit, the subliminal appearance of the spectral antagonist at strategic points... these accumulated nuggets added up to a unprecedented atmosphere of supernatural dread. It's still pretty potent, almost 20 years later.

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  1. Wonderful! Thank you I have always wanted to see the alternate one..Parky becoming a poltergiest!