Wednesday, 1 September 2010

'70s Dads

70's dads...they worked hard and played hard. They drank hard and they drove fast. Without seatbelts. They smoked fags anywhere they damn well liked. They spent sunday lunchtime at the pub and sunday afternoon asleep on the sofa. They would also fall asleep in front of the telly late at night - other family members were often awoken by the eerie electronic test-drone of dead TV stations. They never had a 'night in'. Their social networking was played out in the clubs, pubs and bars of the real world. They never collected the kids from school. They viewed the task of child-raising as 'women's work', though could occasionally be coerced into a brief bout of play-wrestling, (when not too hung-over).

At least that's how I seem to remember it.

The dad on the left (making the 'V' sign) was my dad. In this photo he is roughly ten years younger than I am now, and would die of lung cancer roughly 20 years after the photo was taken, so perhaps the 70's dad lifestyle is not to be recommended.

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  1. Yep, that's how I remember it, too. I used to stay up late and keep my Mum company while my Dad was at the pub. Saw a lot of horror films that way.

    The idea of Dad's being out all the time and showing only a cursory interest in domestic issues sounds awful now, but I don't remember feeling deprived or traumatised at the time!

    Your Dad looks like he was a good laugh and a great drinking companion.