Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blackgang Chine

The comments on the recent post here has prompted me to post some videos of Blackgang Chine Theme Park. I've heard interesting things about it for a long time, but have never found the necessary motivation to visit the Isle of Wight. The high kitsch and general bizarreness of the place definitely warrant further investigation.

These are fairly poor quality travel trade videos, but the hauntological quotient is boosted when one realises that much of the park we see here no longer exists, claimed by the sea and coastal erosion, and has since been rebuilt in the stubborn British tradition. There have been reported sightings of ghosts in the park.

'Far from the Sodding Crowd' features more contemporary footage (from about 13:30) of Blackgang Chine, along with such delights as the Bakelite Museum, the National Gas Museum and Gnome Magic World.


  1. As a lover of the sublimely crap in British leisure, I heartily endorse this attraction.

  2. Believe me, this looks like Disneyland compared to Gulliver's Kingdom and Chessington World of Adventure during the 80s.

  3. No summer holiday for me in the early 80's was complete without a day at "Gulliver's". Black Gang Chine though operates on a whole separate level of weird kitsch.