Friday, 3 September 2010

The Bunyip Moon

One aspect of hauntology is the sensation of having been 'haunted' by a particular item over a long period of time. This definitely applies in the case of Bob Young and John Palmer's 'The Bunyip Moon' from the soundtrack of the 1977 part-animated film of Ethel C Pedley's Dot And The Kangaroo. The song itself is an astonishingly eerie piece of doom-laden folk rock featuring Ligeti-lite female disharmonies and growling sound effects running all the way through. Like Nic Roeg's Walkabout and Peter Weir's double whammy of Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Last Wave, the novel and film tell of white Australia encountering a mythic landscape normally hidden from view... stumbling into magic.


  1. Simultaneously captivating and terrifying. Thanks Joe.

    Does anyone else recall Bob Godfrey's animated version of the Bunyip story?

  2. National Film Board of Canada was good for such haunting of the young mind into adulthood.

    Caroline Leaf 'The Owl and the Goose', the little man trying to pluck a star from the sky for his Xmas tree, the boy chasing the wind around his prairie home, the singing grandfather clock admonishing the granddaughter for something (poor time-mgmt?)

    'Picture Box' was my pimp for such stuff back then.

  3. That explains why Boards Of Canada adapted the name for their monicker. Do you know if any of that stuff is online?


    this is the Leaf film.