Friday, 3 September 2010

The Comb Over

One thing I've noticed on my visits back to England over the last few years--you will never see a comb over anymore.

They used to be the mark of male middle age.

Bus conductors, men in betting shops, famous footballers, TV quiz presenters.... half the teachers at my school.... they all had comb overs.

At some point sense prevailed and the balding started to shave down their side tufts to near invisible.

Much more dignified (did they really think they were fooling anybody, the comb over squad?)... no need for yucky hair cream to plaster thinning elongated strands across the pate... and unlike the comb over invulnerable to the elements or a football colliding off the bonce (see Bobby Charlton photo above.

However one side effect is that walking through a crowded public space in the U.K. today, it can feel like there's a lot of aging, getting-stout skinheads about.


  1. Yes an effing terrible style, and I say this as one of the many chubby ageing pseudo-skins you emigrated to avoid.

  2. Rare, but still alive. Spotted one the other day, caught on the breeze & 180 degrees from where the owner intended. Of high enough quality that a mate blurted out "nice combover!" a tad too loud. Or maybe just right.

  3. It's the End of History for balding men.

  4. I don't remember the comb-over being quite as widespread as the 'pseudo-skin' is. Our office is being refurbished (ie painted)and yesterday I noted the office boss (skin) talking to the painter (skin) in front of the photocopier repair man (skin). Time for a backlash?