Monday, 20 September 2010

Fountain Square, Staple Hill, Bristol


Empty Square


Hard Lines

Whenever I pass through Fountain Square it is always with a heavy heart, weighted down by faded memories of trips to the library (now relocated) with mum, and to the Leo's supermarket across the road (now a Tesco Metro).

I have a distinct memory of the fountain actually working - sun-beams dancing in the water droplets as they sprayed down into the large blue pool below. I'm not sure when the fountain was turned-off. During Callaghan's term in office, perhaps? Certainly it was a long time ago.

Some bastard wants to redesign the place. Admittedly, it's a sorry site right now, but the alternatives fill me with horror...


  1. But i love the fact that it is stuck in the 60's... the colour of the buildings and the architecture... really reminds me of a town near me called Billingham. Now there's a town centre that has not moved forward... i'll blog some pix soon...

  2. I remember this place. I had a Saturday job in the Great Mills at the bottom of the slope in the late 80s. In fact, someone I knew at the technical college claimed their dad had designed the square.
    I do remember the fountain (occasionally) working - it must've been the 70s I reckon.

  3. This is a GREAT post. What this blogs all about, Brilliant. Thanks.


  4. pineapple summerhouse

    this place was featured in a PIF starring Fenella Fielding and Giant Haystacks from the early 70s