Monday, 6 September 2010

Jim'll Mix It

Now then, now then...

if you don't like public information films then you are almost certainly looking at the wrong hauntological dumping ground.

If you do like them, then it is mathematically impossible that you will not love our first ever Found Objects Challenge.

The rules are frighteningly straightforward --

1. pick a favourite Public Information Film, then
2. mess about with it, then
3. post it up on here and, finally,
4. bask in the acclaim

So, by 'mess about' we mean re-score, re-dub, re-edit, remake, whatever you feel you must do to put a new twist on an old favourite.

No deadlines, no closing dates, your entries will be returned to you and, who knows, there may even be a prize for the best entry, as well as the universal adoration of your peers.

Contact us on the site e-mail address if you have any queries. In some cases, we may be able to help you with PIF files if you haven't got them yourself, as well as fielding very basic technical queries.

Bon chance, mes whatnots!


  1. This chap won it last year didn't he? Nasty.

  2. Yes, something like that, preferably less 'banging'. Well executed, though.

  3. Ows about this then? A slightly less banging winner from 19 years ago.
    *makes strange Savillesque wheezing sound*

  4. Have you got anything that doesn't entail doing the big box, little box?

  5. Well there's that Hexstatic track Auto that samples 'Clunk-Click' which is pretty much alright. But this might be more your cuppa
    Personally I prefer the prodge, as I find that a more intelligent, inventive use of a PIF,IMO, like. But Shakkers is nice if you fancy a slo-mo frug, most certainly.

  6. Is there a handy, FREE app on t'web which will take PIFs off a DVD and turn them into .avi files?

  7. heres my attempt of sorts