Friday, 17 September 2010

Landscape from a Dream

Referencing Unmann’s earlier post on Paul Nash – here’s 'Landscape from a Dream'. I first saw it over 27 years ago and was so stuck by its extraordinary power that it’s stayed with me ever since. It seemed both alien and familiar at the same time. My mother bought me a postcard of it (which I still have, though it’s a little frayed at the edges) and I blu tacked it to my bedroom wall. I don’t think a painting has ever really spoken to me in quite the same way before or since. It’s perfect example of the particular brand of very English surrealism of the late 1930s, not flashy, not over stated - just odd.

If you’d like to see it yourself, it’s hanging in the Tate Modern right about now.


  1. I was looking at it only a few weeks ago, wondering how I could pinch it.