Monday, 20 September 2010

Moving Through Old Daylight Audio

A recording of the Moving Through Old Daylight panel, held at the John Foxx Analogue event, and featuring Jim Jupp, Julian House, Iain Sinclair and me is available here.

    Occasionally he went to the BBC or N.F.T. archives to select a film, he'd seen hundreds in this way and was developing a filing system so he could relocate the ones he liked. There were thousands more to see yet, and he'd hardly started on the T.V. film and video material at Shepherds Bush and Teddington.

    He would take his chosen film to a cinema in Leicester Square, set it in motion, then sit alone in the huge plush interior smoking a cigarette or two (purely for nostalgia's sake - to see the smoke rising through the film beam).

    The old newscasts affected him greatly, the Kennedy Assassination, the images of Christine Keeler, early Beatles footage, all in a slightly worn Black and White. He edited together a film containing all these images and more, and played it constantly. He found it profoundly moving, the images gaining even more emotive power with each viewing. All these characters of his past moving in old daylight, waving and smiling and moving on.

    One of his favourite films was The Swimmer starring Burt Lancaster, and he often played this without the soundtrack, drowning in the crude beauty of its early technicolour.

    At home, too, he kept a small 8 mm projector for playing home movies that he came across in his exploration of the city's deserted apartments.

    He was fascinated by all the tiny intimate details of these films, the jerky figures waving from seaside and garden at weddings and birthdays and baptisms, records of whole families and their pets growing and changing through the years.


  1. I enjoyed listening to this. Do you know how the Sinclair/Foxx project is progressing?

  2. Where would we be, without Dennis Leigh?

  3. @Glimmung - I don't but I'll let you know as soon as I do. I can tell you that Sinclair's footage is an amazing resource ...

  4. Thanks Mark. Have you seen any of his cine film? He mentioned it at several points in 'Hackney, that Rose Red Empire' and it sounded very intriguing.