Sunday, 3 October 2010

Afraid of the Dark/La Peur Du Noir: contemporary hauntology artefact

I picked up this little book clearing out shelves at one of my first jobs working on photography magazines. The ISBN brings up nothing, and the society mentioned at the back (VIDOCQ - Verification and Investigation on Document Objective Control of Quality) appears to be a reference to the first French private detective (who was, like many notable historcal French personalities, played by Gerard Depardieu in a 2001 film adaptation). It seems to be a project by an artist called Matthias Olmeta, but past this, it's almost impossible to ascertain what's real, and what's constructed: are these all found objects? The curious can find full details from the inside back cover at the end. Click for enlargements...


  1. 'Lunatic character selling fledgelings'. Macabre and fascinating.