Monday, 18 October 2010

Bertrand Russell's Maps

Whilst in the midst of a Philosophy degree I came across this 1st edition Bertrand Russell, for the same price as a new paperback, and obviously I was proper chuffed. I particularly liked BR at the time, mostly for his waistcoats and pipes, and was particularly intrigued by the fact that he managed to spend the war in what was effectively an enforced library. A couple of weeks later, I was inspecting the dustcover and found that it is actually printed on the back of a map. Some preliminary investigations resulted in the explanation that it was because the book was printed while rationing was still on in 1948, which meant that stuff like old maps was used for the dust covers of posh hardbacks. I have no idea if this is true, but it's a lovely idea. I've never tried to identify what the map is of though.


  1. That's fantastic. Bengkalis is in Indonesia.

  2. Never mind rationing, this is clearly spy material! The book title is a dead giveaway. I bet the text is riddled with codes...