Friday, 29 October 2010


I love Brian Bolland's artwork. Before he became a 2000AD regular he worked on 'The Hammer House Of Horror' magazine. This is a messed about with frame from the comic adaptation of 'Vampire Circus'.


  1. a film I have yet to see - but I have a feeling that no matter how good or bad it is it would definitely be improved by a Batman-esque "CHONK!"...

    btw, I've found the origin of my hauntological Hammer madeleine moment - Halls of Horror 1982 Winter Special. Quatermass Xperiment, 7 Golden Vampires, dragon boobs - the works!

    although I think the story "Malvoisin's Mirror" might have had more to do with Her Majesty's intervention as said mirror is decorated with a Beardsley-esque riot of nakedness. the shame...

    the 1982 cover date lets my Dad off the hook though (sort of) as if he'd bought me the original issues I'd have been all of 4 years old!