Saturday, 30 October 2010

Los Canarios

Information Britain: "For thirty years the Garcias have been operating this shining beacon of Tenerife lifestyle and cuisine in the cloudy North [sic!!]... The dining room is very spacious, with beamed ceiling and white walls... Friendly, caring atmosphere. What's cooking? Starters include red peppers stuffed with spiced chicken, or king prawns in chilli sauce..."

Wikipedia: "Eastside is a district of Birmingham City Centre, England currently undergoing a major redevelopment project… Los Canarios… was Birmingham's first Spanish restaurant. The restaurant has now been demolished, along with the rest of the building, to make way for the Eastside City Park".

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  1. I remember we always used to pass this place on the drive into town when we were kids (our dad would park on Bordesley Street).

    I recall being struck by Los Canarios's exotic facade. It was like a pub envisaged by John Inman.