Friday, 15 October 2010

Old Technology

My local computer supplier. Allegedly. I've never actually seen them open.

The name says 'technology' but the signage screams NOT!


  1. Oddly enough, I have the same picture, taken on a visit to Anstruther to the Fence Records Homegame a few years back.

    That's probably my favourite shop-sign of all time.

  2. That's spooky. I assumed nobody would recognise this little corner of the world. Let me know if you visit again and I'll put the kettle on.

  3. and what a nice part of the world it is too...

    was a nice middle-class kid at St. Andrews in the pre-William era & Sunday afternoon escapes to Crail, Anstruther etc for quality fish & chips and a decent pint were a welcome respite from the be-Pringled blandness of "the home of golf". the villages & towns there always felt a little like how I imagined Llareggub to be.

    St Andrews can be quite eerie in the winter though & I immediately substituted West Sands for the beaches of Burnstow & Seaburgh when I first read M.R. James stories of supernaturally-harassed gentleman archaeologists.

    I can see it now...

    "come to St. Andrews - bring a friend, a whistle, and a winding-sheet and play "Who Is This Who Is Coming?" on our beautiful West Sands. or how about "Hide the Crown"? abject terror has never been so much fun!"

  4. oh, and how could I have forgotten this?

    have we covered it already? if not, are you game for some investigative reporting Master Glimmung?

    on the wrong side of Scotland these days I'm afraid...

  5. Thanks Glimmung. No plans to visit any time soon though, although I'd love to go back and do the Fife Coastal Path one day.

    Disappointingly, looking at their site, they seem a regular IT shop and not somewhere that specialises in ZX Spectrums and BBC Model Bs.

  6. @KM, yep, the MR James stories transplant naturally to St Andrews. I have often thought that myself.
    A trip to the bunker is on my 'to do' list :)

    @Matt, I too searched in vain for a Commadore 64 or an Oric Atomos ;(

  7. I walked past this every day whilst staying in a cottage by Cellardyke harbour only last month :)

  8. you should definitely check the bunker out Glimmung...

    although, to be honest, I can't really vouch for how good a tourist attraction it is. I was only there once in 1998 for a proto-hauntological shindig featuring Add N to (X), Sonic Boom, and Mount Vernon Arts Lab in the bunker's mess and some creepy installations in its chapel & the cinema. always meant to go back though...