Thursday, 28 October 2010

Through a factory window

A peek through the window of one of the many interesting old buildings in Digbeth, Birmingham (UK) gives a view of the interior... and beyond.


  1. Is this off Floodgate Street? At first I thought it was Wheeler Street off Newtown Row, but obviously that's nowhere near Digbeth.

    Having been a toolmaker for ten years of my life, the ravaged shell of the press-shop is a sad sight indeed. An indictment on Thatcher's policies of the 80s and the abolishment of import duty.

  2. It's on the corner of Green Street and Alcester Road (B12 0NB) but there are fascinating buildings (alive, dying and dead) all through Digbeth really. This one just happened to catch my eye as I passed it last last weekend (on the way to the Custard Factory - a venue which used to be a... Can anyone guess?) so I peaked through the broken window. I might dig out a few older snaps but it really is like shooting fish in a barrel. Dead fish, at that. In custard.