Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vision On: The Mike Vickers Connection

I used to love watching Vision On when I were a nipper. So one day, naturally, I went trawling youtube for clips. I was instantly drawn to the music used for this weightlifter sequence - spacey proto-synth pop with a touch of pathos - and wished I knew where it came from.

Then, only a couple of months later, working purely on a hunch, I won a copy of Mike Vicker's 1975 KPM libary album "A Moog For More Reasons" on ebay. When I played it, I nearly shat my pants with delight to discover that the track "Surf Rider" (side 2, track 3) was the weightlifter music in question.

Since then I've scored a couple more of Vicker's electronic library albums and they all have much to recommend them, ranging from twee child-like melodies, funky moog jams and extreme Radiophonic experimentation. Not bad for an ex-Manfred Mann member. I think he helped the Beatles operate their Moog when making the Abbey Road album too, but let's not hold that against him.

If anyone has a copy of his "Moog Plus Brass" album to sell, I might be interested...

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  1. I too have a 'A Moog for more Reasons' - that clip will certainly enhance my listening pleasure. No eBay sniper's ever going to get their dirty paws on my copy! :)