Friday, 22 October 2010

A Visit To Joyland - Great Yarmouth

Great Use of Font, good food too...

Trish Clowes' Tangent - the best name for a jazz band

onomatopoeiac coffee bar - actually an even better name for a Jazz Band

English Heretic youth section in 70s style kids on holiday shot

Noddy as Kowalski in an update of Vanishing Point

The Question is "What kind of Family?"

Somewhere in The Alps there is a carousel with a handpainted board depicting Great Yarmouth

Not sure I'd trust my children with this CHIPs cop

Joyland - this is what I'd imagine the end of the world looks like to a small child. Note the two planes circling the mountain, perhaps a precognition of the Twin Towers atrocity?

Obligatory use of idiotic food sculptures... Strangely these pieces of art remind me alot of the work of Dennis Oppenheim...


  1. Marvellous. I LOVE Great Yarmouth.

  2. Brilliant. And I'm sure Trish Clowes' Tangent must have shared the bill with Soft Machine and Hanry Cow at some seventies Eueopean festivals...