Monday, 29 November 2010

The Ghost Telephone

Bernard Jones, inventor of "The Perceptor" and a telephone to call the "other side". A video about this here.

Dutch Weirdness

These very curious and unexplained slides were found in Amsterdam by my pal Frits Jonker. It's well worth a visit to his site.

The House of Birds

The players in Kenneth MacMillan's ballet House of Birds. (From: Mary Clarke - Presenting People Who Dance, Paul Hamlyn Ltd. 1961, p.23).

The Penmon 'Rabbit'

I photographed this around 2000. It was embedded in the footpath at the ruins of the Benedictine Priory at Penmon on the Isle of Anglesey. This is exactly as it was found, unaltered - some strange creature attempting to birth itself from the surrounding elements?

Childhood Door

'Devil in the Sky' by a Boy aged 9 years. Print and paint and chalk. 375×500mm

The Holborn Working

Where do I sign up?

Horse Skullduggery & UFO TV

Here we observe that horse skulls have been carefully placed underneath the floorboards of an old mansion in Norfolk, England, supposedly to "improve the sound acoustics of the room", OR perhaps as part of some ritual connected to the British Horse Cult, which dates back to least the Old Stone Age, and whose emblem is carved into the very hills of our country.

From the classified section of the March 1971 issue of the British Practical Wireless magazine. Has anyone out there tried contacting UFOs through the home television set?

A corporate video shot by aliens

Well worth checking out if you're in or near Bristol: showing at Spike Island at the moment are Charlie Tweed's genuinely unsettling, unheimlich films, the images for which were salvagepunk-scavenged from found footage from YouTube and the like. The effect is like a corporate video made by aliens. As Marie-Anne McQuay explains:

    The voices that narrate each episode are computer generated, calm, authoritative, and accompanied by melodic music. Even though they stutter and glitch in places, repeating or mispronouncing words as if struggling to process information, the effect is still hypnotic. In a world at the edge of an unknown civil and environmental disaster, ‘they’, or rather, ‘we’ have a plan and the seductions of a certainty of purpose override any concerns about the logic of these actions.

    The scripts, which are the origins of each of the Notes episodes, resonate with the present moment, in part because of their non-fictional origins. Tweed, for example, incorporates the contemporary phenomenon of 'rewilding'[4], taking its theories to extremes and the end of civilisation, whilst also hypothesising on the outcomes of the predicted scenarios in which we arrive at the moment of ultimate technological advancement (Singularity). The final transmission, (Zappisale), in which all networks are to be “disrupted”, is guided by the writings of a real-world, anonymous collective ‘The Invisible Committee’ who predicted the imminent collapse of neoliberal capitalism in their anarchist handbook The Coming Insurrection[5]. This video ends in abstraction, with broken down, overexposed images, identifiable only as colours and shapes, as if following the logic of a narrative bent on disruption, by destroying itself frame by frame.

    The collaging of real world schemas into scripts is mirrored by the montaging of clips from freely circulating digital sources to form the visuals of Tweed’s ‘worst of all possible worlds’. Extracts from broadcast documentaries, YouTube clips, instructional videos and amateur news footage are stripped of what remains of their original context. These contemporary ‘poor images’, a term coined by Hito Steyerl to describe the particular quality and status of the low saturation by-products of digital distribution[6], are generically but not specifically recognisable as mountains and sea, power stations and mobile homes, climbing walls and medical procedures, floods and storms. Further distorted with effects, such as additional pixelation or analogue noise, they are almost impossible to place in terms of a specific time or geographical location, other than being ‘of the world’.

Milk on the go

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Spectres of Olde Britain

The Rubettes.

Learning can be fun

Birth, Life and Death on a Sunday morning...

In a bizarre quirk of scheduling on a Sunday morning, the controllers at Grampian TV would run these two programmes back to back. Shows about birth and sex education, followed by the destruction of the world in cartoon form....

Baby, it's cold outside

Entropy Fiction

Found Objects Podcast: Volume 1

Due to unprecedented download volume the podcast has exceeded its download limit and therefore will be off-line while technical issues can be resolved. I don’t think any of us anticipated the popularity. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Friday, 26 November 2010

"Teaser, teaser, pencil squeezer"...

The BFI/Mordant Music 'MisinforMation' DVD (MM044) is now availed... video

Ian Johnstone

Found those interested in things Coil related... Ian Johnstone is exhibiting at Horse Hospital until tomorrow night... I'll be down there tonight, an opportunity to raise a glass to Sleazy Christopherson, big hero...

A.O.S. (1950)

Austin Osman Spare, 'Head of a Woman with Green Background' (1950)

This is my most beautiful and precious 'found object' so far, courtesy of my wonderful wife!! (Although I didn't vote in the recent occult poll, I do agree with the majority re: Spare).

It's absolutely fantastic

"It's absolutely enormous - quite fantastic".

No cardboard box was safe from this menace!

Travels with my camera.. Old Nursery School..

Whilst out and about with the old 'Haunto-vision' camera this week i took snaps of my old haunt's from my home town of Redcar in cleveland.. Suprised to see my old nursery school (which was a large house) was still there but eerily empty...
I took a couple of shot's for posterity anyway.

There's more 'haunto-vision' snaps here

The Spectral Dimension

Here is a link to my friend Katrina Dixon's blog, I think a lot of people here will enjoy it.

The Spectral Dimension
A home for supernaturally-tinged parts of popular culture; where magic and technology meet; ghosts of the past and ghosts of the future; the ooky and gooky, mysterious and spooky. Pagan, paranormal, magical, mystical, megalithic and hauntological references in an A-Z of spectral dimensions: art, architecture, crafts, comedy, cartoons, fashion, film and television, books and comics, theatre and photography, as well as links to spellbinding sites.

Spires of the Telecom Age

These are worth watching just for the music, which sounds John Baker-ish.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

MUMSY, NANNY, SONNY, & GIRLY (1970) trailer

thanks to my friend Sævar for the link....

Happy Mediums

At home with a cold yesterday, daytime tv took pity on me by showing a pair of spooky films; 'The Ghost and Mrs Miniver', a melancholy comedy starring a sparky Rex Harrison, and 'Seance on a Rainy Afternoon' an altogether more downbeat affair with Dickie Attenborough.  These inspired me to take another look at the catalogue for 'The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult',  an exhibition held at the Met in New York in 2005. Here's a sample:

The Supernatural - Douglas Hill and Pat Williams