Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Dark Dance to the Pipes of Pan

First published 1967 by PAN BOOKS LTD., 33 Tothill Street London, S.W. 1

'Like the man said, there are two nations. Us and you. A few of us who dish it out and a lot of you who love to take whatever we dish out. It's our duty, and we won't let you down. Fear not. All will be well.'

Last lines of the Privilege novelisation by John Burke, whose other work for Pan prior to 1967 included Dr Terror's House of Horrors, Tales of Unease, The Hammer Horror Ominbus and The Power Game.


  1. The movie is shit, though.

    Really. Let's be honest here.

    It's shit.

    Silly even at the time, I'd have thought.

  2. Yes, it's terribly slow. Watkins may have been a powerful polemicist, but he couldn't edit drama for toffee.

  3. I have the DVD of the film at home right now. I rented it from Netflix about a month ago but haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Every once in a while I pick it up and look at it. Then I put it down and watch something else. Maybe I can sense its inherent shit-ness somehow.

  4. Dammit - now I want to see the film again - Burke's novelizations are always slices of pop-culture weirdness - his rewrite of 'The Boys' for Pan had some fantastic shoe-fetish moments when it came describing one of the Ted's winkle-pickers - as to the film itselt...well there's a reason why we have dumping grounds...