Saturday, 6 November 2010

English Heretic Autumn Expedition: North Devon

Ilfracombe - a good deal of abandoned hotels

Ilfracombe - The Landmark Theatre - resembling cooling towers, a good place for a JGB convention

Ilfracombe - Crazy Golf courses of The Near Future...

Tarr Steps - medieval bridge

Conygar Tower Folly - at the medieval village of Dunster

Inside Conygar Tower - apparently the area where the folly was built also had a statue of Neptune, supposedly visible from the sea... if anyone has any information on this, I'd love to know!

Inside Dunster Castle

Dunster Castle library

Cobbaton Military Collection

Playing with our purchases from the army surplus shop at Cobbaton - a planning a coup of Ilfracombe...


  1. Great pics.

    Ilfracombe's an uneasy place. Even at the height of Summer it has the haunting air of an out of season seaside town.

  2. Ilfracombe is hauntological, for sure.