Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dotty Doctors

Inspired by the WhoFix blog here are some beautiful illustrations from the Encyclopaedia Of The Worlds Of Doctor Who (Vol E to K) by Tony Clark.

The photorealistic representation of the Doctors via the medium of dots really gives these pictures a extraordinary quality all of their own.

The accurate rendition of Peter makes it for me. He looks like he having a big poo.


  1. In fact, all of the Doctors look like they're having a movement of some kind or other.

  2. Curious how they went with companions for Troughton and Baker, but chose a minor character from a two-parter for Peter Davison.

    Recently watched 'The Kings Demons' in which she appears. Not even Anthony Ainsley's outrageous French accent - as an icognito Master - can save it.

    Great pics though.