Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hauntological House Band

If hauntological had a house band, Fairfield Parlour (formerly Kaleidoscope) might well be it. If hauntological had a soundtrack, this song would make a worthy addition. 'Aries', taken from the 1970 album From Home To Home.


  1. It's great to see people thinking about music that feels 'hauntological', as apposed to music that has been made to feel 'hauntological'. Fairfield Parlour are not bad at all. Too up-beat though, I think. As far as a hauntological soundtrack goes, I would favour His Name Is Alive. Check out my 2 previous posts. Maybe some further thought could be given to 'hauntological' music/songs. Not library music, etc, but something "special".

  2. Not a band I've come across before. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I agree about HNIA moonplague, maybe particularly their first 4AD release 'Livonia' with its abstract tracks about ghosts and haunting -- 'How Ghosts Affect Relationships' and 'Caroline's Supposed Demon'.

    Maybe straying over the boundary from haunted tech into geekiness here but I like the idea that the lyric 'I've been to you -- anonymously' has gone from describing powers particular to ghosts at the start of the 90s to have a technological aspect, as when visiting the websites of former friends.