Monday, 15 November 2010


Jake & Dinos Chapman's 'Hell' is one of the most compelling, sensory overloading works of art I have ever seen.

Comprising of nine display cases (arranged in the shape of a swastika) filled with over 5,000 plastic figures (mainly Nazis or bits of Nazis) inflicting or undergoing torment in a relentlessly nightmarish world, I must admit I was both disturbed and excited by it. As an ex-Airfix, Revell and Tamiya obsessive, as well as a lover of dioramas and display models in general, my head nearly exploded at the sheer scale of it all, and, of course, as a fairly reasonable human being the dreadful detail and horror of the vision appalled me.

In some ways, I was actually relieved when it was destroyed by fire in 2004. It felt good to be free of it.

In 2008, the Chapman Brothers returned to the theme with the bigger and even more brutal 'Fucking Hell'. I haven't been in the room with this one yet, not sure I should.

It always reminds me of L'Inferno, a 99 year old vision of Hell that is still pretty scary today, especially with it's new Tangerine Dream soundtrack. I wonder what it would sound like with a hauntologically rendered OST? Mmn, that gives me an idea...


  1. I tend to think of Britton and Coulthart's Lord Horror whenever I see this. I'm just saying...

  2. I didn't really know what you were talking about. A Google later and I'm on board.