Saturday, 20 November 2010

Michael Bertiaux

A veteran time-traveller in “the dimensionless gaps between universes” and “the icy realms of nothingness called Meon,” Bertiaux also has a “trans-yuggothian transmission station” set up in his high-rise apartment on South Michigan Avenue; he claims to use it for direct astral communication with “the space adepts, sothyrii, genii, and Voodoo Bon-Pa spirits.”

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  1. "on the expeditions he leads from time to time to a deserted lake in Wisconsin that he considers a “power zone” for “the Deep Ones” whose “point of entry to the earth-plane” lies within the lake"

    er, I think I'll be giving that particular day trip a miss!

    great article though - put me in mind of the slightly ridiculous but oh so serious occult scene that our hero ploughs through in "Simon King of the Witches".

    also perhaps explains why a certain Carl Kolchak was kept so busy in Chicago in the 70s!