Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pebble Mill at One

BBC News, 22nd August 2000: "The BBC has announced it is to close its two main studios at Pebble Mill which could mark the end of production at the famous Birmingham site.

Pebble Mill studios

"BBC Resources chief executive Margaret Salmon said the closures, which will result in 90 job loses, were a result of overcapacity and changing production patterns in the broadcasting industry.

"The studios staged several BBC shows, most famously the Pebble Mill at One lunchtime chat show, which ran from 1973 to 1986. The closures are part of the corporation's review of its regional capacity introduced by director general Greg Dyke".

Extracts from the final edition of Pebble Mill at One, with helicopters, balloons and Five Star singing and prancing all over the building:-

"Problems with the lease and changes in the way television is produced in addition to increasing repair costs due mainly to the building condition - the cladding was falling off and refurbishment was proving a very expensive option - the BBC vacated the premises and moved to new studios at The Mailbox, completing the transfer on 22 October 2004 after 33 years at the site" - Wikipedia

The Mailbox did not provide sufficient studio space. The site awaits development as a "Bio-Medical science park".

Above: the former site of the Pebble Mill studios, photographed at one o'clock, 28th November 2009. It still looks like this.


  1. Another of Birmingham's sorry sights, Phantom. Is the city farm thing still across the road?

  2. The Nature Centre, yes, that's still going strong.

    To be fair to Birmingham, the sights which aren't sorry would probably be off-topic for this site!