Sunday, 7 November 2010

Richard Nickel Jr - Guerrilla Preservationist

Here are a few images from the brilliant photographer Richard Nickel Jr, a self described ‘Guerrilla Preservationist’ in New York. He roams the streets and alleys hunting for abandoned architecture and buildings and then shares his findings with readers via his blog The Kingston Lounge. It is well worth checking out.

Hallway in the Salmon (male forensic) Building, Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut

Supervisor's office at The Sea View Hospital, NY

Abandoned medical equipment, at Buffalo State Hospital, H. H. Richardson Complex

Abandoned Department of Corrections records, Hart Island, NY

Whitte's Marine Salvage - staten Island Boat Graveyard

Discarded wheelchairs at Buffalo State Hospital, H. H. Richardson Complex

Grand iron Staircase at the Samuel R. Smith Infirmary, Staten island, NY

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