Friday, 5 November 2010

Satyr-day Night Fever

What Croombe Park may lack in haunting atmosphere (by day, at least), it makes up for in the sheer bizarreness of the statues dotted hither and, indeed, thither.

Once again Mr. Tumnus, or his petrified cousin, makes an appearance, with Croome Court visible on the distant horizon. Below are a couple more of the statues you may find littered about, in the most unexpected of places, should you choose to take a peaceful amble about the grounds.

Home to numerous follies and "eye-catchers", the park was landscaped by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown for the 6th Earl of Coventry, who was named, somewhat conveniently, George Coventry.

The St. Mary Magdalene church was also built by the ubiquitous 'Capability', on land where once stood a medieval place of worship, demolished to make way for its 18th century successor.

Croome Park even has an entrance to hell.

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