Friday, 19 November 2010

Sun Araw

Guitars find it difficult to be haunted; the spirits seem to invest woodwind and electronics, ELpH like, with greater ease. And PsycheDelia seems removed from hauntology, somehow.

Still, this:

Creepy and nostalgic and definitely haunted and pretty much what I thought Ariel Pink would sound like back when I'd just read some reviews.

They shoot horses, don't they?


  1. Nice. I heard of them but never investigated. Now I will. Thanks!

  2. I think psychedelia and hauntology go very well together.

  3. ... keep flipping on the psychedelia, hauntology axis / non-axis... psych seems like a different retro/longing/memory to hauntology... aligned maybe - both based on a future that wasn't but the psychdelic mission seems obtainable (via drugs) in a way that hauntology isn't?

  4. Coincidentally, I've been working on a psychedelic mix and was struck by how hauntological it could be. For me, it's that hazy, lost feel that phases in and out. I was gong to post it up here when it's done if there's interest?

  5. I don't think strict divisions are particularly useful... hauntology can be psychedelic, psychedelia can be hauntological... no point erecting fences, even around the olde village greene, as it were. It's a big old world.

  6. ...i agree, to a certain extent... especially with hauntology (and psychedelia) being a rather spurious categorisation( ref: here, for instance...) but, i think once the divisions are out there, they offer opportunity for reflections and thoughtbubbles... discussion, discussion, discussion...