Saturday, 13 November 2010

When The Wind Blows OST (1986)

One of Bowie's most haunting (and engagingly uncatchy) 1980s compositions. There's a truly fantastic 12" mix of this about.

In which Genesis predict Dubstep. Shut up, it's true. Note also the 'Protect & Survive' type imagery on the sleeve of Invisible Touch.

In which Squeeze misjudge the mood quite brilliantly.


  1. I don't know HOW you make these connections, Joe. But damnit, you're right on the money. Brilliant post. Brilliant.

  2. Funny, the Genesis track sounds more like proto-industrial with a bit of Witch House added for good measure. I have to admit it sounds great though...

  3. "I don't know HOW you make these connections, Joe."

    Maybe he owns the soundtrack LP?

    The instrumental mix of the Bowie track is also very much worth hunting down (I seem to remember the mp3 is available on for £0.69) as rather than simply wipe the vocals instead they rebuilt (re-recorded?) the track from scratch. Certainly worth picking up the 7" or 12" for a couple of quid if you ever see either of them.

  4. Deleted the above comment as I realized it featured five uses of the word "actually" in two sentences...

    That Squeeze track doesn't actually feature in that segment of the film, the clip featured is just some fan constructed silliness.

    The attack sequence features one of Roger Waters' mean and moody instrumental cues which works pretty well.