Monday, 15 November 2010

Wire - Live on German Television 1979

Plenty of other tracks from this recording... the crowd are great and Graham Lewis is possibly even cooler  than Paul Simonon


  1. Yeah, but what about Art Garfunkelel?

  2. I have the DVD of this and have to say it is superb. The songs from 154 are very raw but still sound fantastic. To say Groundbreaking is/was an understatement. And they are still producing some very fine music.

  3. I try, but I just can't get any enjoyment out of listening to Wire, which is odd, since I think the side-projects are wonderful.

    (How is this "hauntological", by the way? What else have I missed?).

  4. I'd take Wire over The Clash any old day.

  5. hi phantom circuit
    Why is it hauntological... It's not about Wire's music but the odd juxtaposition of Post Punk band on German TV special, with oddly out of place audience. Personally there's something slightly dream like about this. I grew up liking JD/Wire without seeing them live (until Wire reformed) and would occasionally dream about having seen them live in the original incarnation. I suppose these dreams represent a deficit of need.
    So now seeing this footage, almost fulfils that dream deficit... hence it feels like a momento from my subconscious retrived by a process of retroactive enchantment...

  6. Thanks, Dr. C, for the perspective.

    Bonus question: if Wire is hauntological, is Wir, in which one member of Wire was absent, three-quarters as hauntological, or doubly so? Show all calculations.

  7. lol, phantom circuit... WIR was a very silly name.
    I actually saw Wire's first gig after they reformed in 1985... I had my o level physics in the morning and then got the train up to Oxford from Kent...
    They played a 35 minute set and none of the older songs!