Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Dark Winter's Tale....

One cold and snowy evening last week, David Butler, a travelling account manager from London, was making his way through a small Suffolk town looking for a bed and breakfast. He had to stay overnight for a particularly important appointment which was very early the next morning and he didnt want to be delayed with the bad weather.

As the evening wore on, the weather had become more and more treacherous that the roads became impassable...

So David, not wanting to risk anymore time in his car for fear of being stuck, had to find the nearest place to stay and quick as the snow was falling fast!

Alas he chanced upon a small Bed and Breakfast at the end of a narrow and somewhat darkened street.

Once he parked safely he checked he had all his belongings and made his way forward towards the B&B..

As he got closer to the house he found himself squinting at the windows as he wasnt sure if there was a light on or not.

There was one light though.. a very dim light coming from the window of the door.

He rang the bell...

No answer... David gave a sigh of impatience. Another ring..

Eventually a noise was heard from behind the door. The noise was footsteps on a creaky wooden floor and they were getting closer.

Chains and locks were undone, the door creaked open and from behind an elderly woman, dressed in a purple dressing gown clutching a hot water bottle as if her life depended upon it.

"Can I help?", enquired the lady.

"Oh yes please!", replied David, "I'm really sorry to bother you and i hope it's not too late, but i'm just after a single room for the night if thats okay?".

The woman, expressionless in her gaze paused for a moment...Then, unexpectedly cracked a huge grin..
"Why yes, of course! You must be freezing out there! Come in, come in!", she smiled.

David followed the woman through the passage of the house and into what seemed like a makeshift reception area.

The woman hacked out a huge smokers cough as she pulled out her booking's folder.

It was at that precise moment as David stood there waiting that he could feel a great heavyness in the air.

Something didnt seem quite right.

Not wanting to be deterred though, David gave his details to the woman and obligingly took the keys for his room.

"Room 12", she barked and pointed him towards the groaning stairs.

The house smelt old. The decor was untouched from what seemed like the twenties or thirties and the pictures and ornaments looked like a mish mash of twenties and seventies tat.

Dim lights led the way as David finally approached his room.

As he started to unlock the door, he felt a sense of relief. He knew that any time soon he would be able to take a nice hot bath and relax on his bed with a book till he dropped off. He was after all tired from driving.

After throwing his bags to the floor, David flung himself on top of the bed, arms out stretched giving an almighty yawn.

"But I cant lie here all night", David thought to himself. "I'll have to hang up my suit!".

He dragged his suitcase across the floor to the wardrobe, took out his suit bag, removed the suit from within and hung it accordingly into the huge dark wood wardrobe.

As he turned back towards his suitcase, something caught the corner of his eye..

He turned his head fully to see just what this something was. What it was, gave him something of a shock..

A large black cat was lying upon Davids bed, casually staring back at him as if it had no care in the world..

David found himself somewhat glued to the spot. Standing between the huge dark wood wardrobe and the bed, a cold, goosebump feeling coming over him. He could literally feel the hairs on his neck stand on end and he could not take his eyes off this cat..

Again the air felt heavy...

"Hello David..", said the cat.

Still staring at the cat, David slowly removed his suit from the wardrobe, placed it back into his suitcase and timidly began to walk backwards out of the room, not once letting that cat out of his sight..

David Butler never returned to that Bed and Breakfast again...

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