Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dr. Strange Travelling Through The Astral Plane

A short scene from the Dr. Strange pilot from the 70's. The Ancient One guides Dr. Stephen Strange along onto his first astral projection. The pilot is pretty slow moving, but there are some great moments in it for sure if occult imagery and black magick is your thing.

Also, dig the soundtrack - sounds like Isaac Hayes meets the Radiophonic Workshop.


  1. By the hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! How can it be that Dr Strange is so damn awesome, yet no-one ever seems to 'get' him right? Marvel have been hinting at a new movie version for a while and if the animated version and re-jigged origin series of a few years ago are anything to go by, it will be bloody awful. Did you know that Marvel also turned down Brendan McCarthy's proposed sequel to his recent and FABULOUS Dr Strange/Spider-Man mini-series, 'Fever'?
    THE FOOLS!!!

  2. Frank Brunner consulted on this episode, and why it looked so good. Both Brunner and Engelhart who wrote Dr. Strange in the early 70's were into the occult and used their knowledge to make the good doctor even more strange.

    Personally, I think most super hero films that come out today stink and I much prefer the original Batman TV series. But that's just me.

  3. if & when I astral travel & it doesn't look like a slit-scan Bernard Lodge wonderland I will be sorely disappointed!

  4. Intro looks like a cross between Dr Who and The Time Tunnel.
    Always liked Dormammu

  5. Dr. Strange always had the best villains, and supporting cast...Eternity was super psychedelic, the Living Tribunal, Nightmare, The Dreaded Dormammu and so on. Brunner and Engelhart even had a blasphemous series where Dr. Strange met god. Woah!

  6. I do apologize. The Dread Dormammu it is indeed.