Thursday, 2 December 2010

Information superhighway

In the Found Objects tradition of looking forwards and backwards at the same time, we have now planted flags at popular 'social networking sites' Twitter and Facebook, about a year after everybody else.

You can keep abreast of developments on FO by clicking on either or both of the icons on the right hand side of the screen and then making some sort of request. Eventually, both the Twitter & Facebook things may operate independently to the blog in terms of content but, for now, they will mainly report what's happening here as it happens, and that's got to be a moderately good thing, hasn't it?


  1. Where's the of Judith Hann's finger trembling in close-up as it points to the parts of the foam model of the 'Inter net' representing 'Twitter' and 'Face book'?

  2. Given that Found Objects has usurped Facebook as the first site I check now, perhaps you embed something here telling me if there's anything new to check on Facebook :-)