Saturday, 11 December 2010

More CAS


  1. Aw! fantastic post, Kips!

    Is that HPL/CAS letters book yours?

    I wouldn't mind a read 'o that baby!

  2. I have a t-shirt with that'Hyperborea' cover on it that I got from ebay. There was a seller on there called 'Iron Age...something or other' who made shirts with all kinds of fantastic pulp paperback art on. Sadly I think he's vanished. Incidentally, I flipping LOVE 'The Seven Geases'.

  3. @Dolly: aye its mine - all mine! Mawahahaaha! Its a good read, although it only prints CAS' side of the conversation, as HPL's are found in Selected Letters. However Hippocampus Press will be publishing both sides of the conversation soon (in a small press perspective or in glacial slowness in any other perspective), which will be a nice, if expensive treat (think £80ish and you won't be far wrong). I've read CAS' letters to George Sterling (his poetic mentor) which are a lovely insight into the mind, personality and personal trials of the two men. HPL's letters are also fantastic! He'd have made the best penpal ever!

    @The Thing: a CAS T-shirt! I want one! (although not one with his own art on, which is terrible!)